Sarika Parikh

Sarika Parikh
Straight from the heart of New York, Sarika is a social butterfly who loves all things family, fitness, and fashion related. She married her college sweetheart in 2001, Ashin, whom she met at Bucknell University. They have three sons together as well as a sweet goldendoodle puppy, Sedona, who is also much loved. She loves to travel and has also lived in several states: New York, Rhode Island, Arizona, and Texas. A former educator of 13 years, Sarika loves working with children and continues to give back to the DFW community through volunteering. She currently serves on a few committees and both the Young Men's Service League and Pink Elementary School boards. When not supporting her kids on the soccer/football fields (or being loud at their basketball games), Sarika loves to decompress by practicing hot yoga or cycling on the Spin bike.
A happy family laughs together on the floor.

5 Keys to Strong Relationships from a Mom

As moms in the 21st century, we have a lot of relationships to maintain. Those with the school counselor, cafe barista, autobody mechanic, the noisy neighbor, and even our congressperson. Any relationship that we want to maintain needs a foundation. Here are my top five keys to strong relationships.
Two brothers high five.

What I Wish to Teach Our Sons

We hope the boys always keep in mind that family comes first in life.