Building community amongst the parents of Collin County is the heart and soul of Collin County Moms (CCM). In fact, our mission statement is: Collin County Moms exists to provide resources, encouragement, and community to parents in the Collin County area through its website, original content, social media platforms, events, sponsorship partners, and community groups.

We see events as a way to build that community, allowing us to interact with readers face to face, to foster friendships when moms meet other moms, and to provide opportunities for businesses to showcase how they can equip and encourage local parents.

Interested in Event Sponsorship?

One way to partner with CCM is through event sponsorship, allowing you the opportunity to interact in-person with local parents, and to have them experience your products or services firsthand. Being an event sponsor can include:

  • Co-hosting an event for CCM readers.
  • Hosting a community group (arranging a private meet up or playdate for members of specific community groups).
  • Hosting a CCM team event (quarterly staff meetings or retreats).
  • Inviting CCM staff to your event.
  • Contributing products to swag bags, or sponsoring giveaways.
  • Participating in events as catering sponsor.
  • Participating in events as a vendor or service provider.

This is a great opportunity for local businesses to get their brand and products into the hands of influential moms in the community, get great exposure to our audience online and in person, and support motherhood and families in our community!

If you are interested in these types of partnerships, please complete the form below.

Event Partners

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