Staci Fonner

Staci Fonner
Staci Fonner is sometimes a lawyer, sometimes a writer, and always a mother to her daughter Sydney and her son Parker. She is passionate about parenting well and learning whatever is needed in the process. As an enneagram 8 who loves reading, baking, and traveling, you’re likely to find her watching The Great British Bake-Off or browsing a bookstore with an iced coffee. Staci and her husband Daniel have lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The United Kingdom, Dallas, and recently located to Allen.
Overhead shot of tea in a white tea cup with two open books and white flowers around it.

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In the app, I read a few pages on my phone while waiting in line, listen to an audiobook while doing chores, or for a few minutes before bed. It all adds up to valuable (and enjoyable) progress.
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How Speaking Kindly to My Kids Has Helped Me Speak Kindly to Myself

I pull up in my minivan at the gas station pump. It takes three tries to get the credit card inserted correctly, and I drop my keys in the process. What is wrong with you?
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