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Jasper & Petals McKinney Square

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Historic Downtown McKinney Square! Ever since I moved to Texas, it has been one of my favorite spots. It’s perfect for walking around—not too big and not too small. Great restaurants and quaint little shops make it such a UNIQUE place to hang out. Plus, the vibe is cool whether it’s day or night. What’s not to love?

I have a couple of favorite spots, but I am always discovering new ones to add to my list. A few months ago, I was strolling the square with my daughter. We walked up Louisiana Street, and a fragrance came out of nowhere and arrested my nose. I tried to keep going but I COULD NOT resist. That was my very dramatic introduction to Jasper & Petals. [Me marching up to Mason (one of the owners) and asking, with probably way too much intensity, “What is that smell?”]

I found out later that my reaction was pretty typical. Mason says he wishes he had a camera to catch the reactions of those who pass by their door. You seriously cannot imagine how divine it truly is!

(This post is not sponsored; I just want to tell you about this cool place!)

Jasper & Petals McKinney Square boutique

Candle Heaven

Entering Jasper & Petals is like dying and going to candle heaven. I have NEVER smelled anything like it. The smell of jasper wafting through the air and the beautiful lineup of other fragrances…it’s like candy for the eyes and nose. The amount of time I could spend sniffing candles is a little embarrassing! But to be in Jasper & Petals really takes it to a whole other level.

Jasper & Petals candles McKinney Square boutique

Jasper & Petals candles McKinney Square boutique

When the pandemic hit, candles are what helped keep Jasper & Petals above water. We all know how revolutionary ordering online turned out to be for so many businesses. Candles are their “signature dish.” They come in different shapes, sizes, and containers, but the quality of the candle is never compromised. As obsessed as I am with the jasper (I now have a jasper candle in almost every room of my house), there are many other scents to choose from.

Jessica is the other owner (wife to Mason). She grew up in Peru, and the colors, smells, and textures you encounter in the store are all a reflection of that Peruvian influence. Entering the space is getting a glimpse into what was poured into Jessica from her beautiful country. And there are days when she is pouring herself back into the store for 12 hours or more. She works hard to create a beautifully welcoming and amazingly stylish space where you’ll want to come back and shop again and again.

“It doesn’t feel like work when you love it.”

Creating was a huge part of her life when she was younger, and it continues to be something she loves. She hand pours all the candles. And the crushed flowers sprinkled on top make each candle look like a decadent dessert. These are not your run-of-the-mill candles! If you’re looking for a gift item, no friend will be disappointed to received one.

But Wait, There’s More

Ok, enough with the candles already. There’s more! Once I was able to pull myself away from the candle section, I got to take in all the other amazing items. Jasper & Petals is an artisan paradise. Jessica not only creates, but she displays the work of other artisans. This is a store you tell your girlfriends about. Handmade earrings, made by Jessica, of course. Handcrafted macrame items in gorgeous neutral tones. Gorgeous leather pieces. And last but not least, the clothes.

If you were to ask Jessica about the clothing, she would quickly tell you how she is influenced by 1970s fashion. Bohemian, on the spectrum of funky to ultra-feminine. Now that summer has arrived, I’m looking forward to adding to my wardrobe. Summer dresses and flowy shirts are right up their alley.


It’s Personal

Small businesses offer a personal touch that you cannot get from a chain store. Every time I burn my jasper candle or wear my new favorite shirt, I’m reminded of Jessica. I remember where she came from. I remember that before she came to the square, her store resided in Plano. I know that during the pandemic their candles were a saving grace for their business. I think about how her meeting Mason evolved into marriage and how well they complement each other in business. Lastly, the cutest store manager in the world works at Jasper & Petals. Her name is Coco.

There are a lot of places I could shop. But most of them won’t offer me the opportunity to support a woman-owned small business. I love the experience that comes with shopping small, and Jasper & Petals offers that and so much more. Cute clothes, great conversation, and some cuddles from a fur baby (on a good day). It makes me happy that my purchase can make a difference in the life of someone’s business. It’s the perfect example of the McKinney slogan “Unique by Nature.”

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