3 Ways to Help a Friend with Favor :: $20 CREDIT CODE INCLUDED

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Sometimes your friend needs support, encouragement, and a reminder that you are here for them. Life throws big punches like illness and loss. Life throws long punches like the marathon of motherhood and the weariness it can bring. Life throws annoying shots like car repairs and arguments. But we also find that painful events and experiences aren’t the only time we need a pick-me-up — sometimes it’s “just because.”

For all of these situations and more, the best salve is friendship and the reminder we are not alone.

It is awesome that we live in an age where showing a friend you care (or that they’re your FAVORite — sorry, I can’t resist a pun), has never been easier. Favor is an app we like to call a mother’s BFF. Simply put: It’s a service that can deliver anything. All you need to do is download the Favor app, specify what you need delivered and when, and they’ll deliver it to your door. What’s also great is that Favor Runners will update you every step of the way.

Since Favor was developed right here in Texas, they know the ins and outs of the state. They take pride in lending a helpful, hospitable hand, just as Texans do best.

Favor has created a special delivery credit code just for Collin County Moms! Use code CCMOMS to receive a $20 toward delivery fees.

You have no excuse! Do it. Pick a friend and bless them with a surprise. Here are my ideas for how to treat a friend, but I’d also love to hear yours in the comments!

Favor Delivery Runners update you on the status of the orderPractical Penny

Sometimes, just having someone take care of a practical need is all it takes to make a friend smile. The key is to think about tasks and to-dos they have and consider how you can help make the load lighter or even spark a little fun. Here are some ideas:

  • Ask for their grocery list for the week or even for dinner that night. A list of their kids’ favorite snacks or packed lunch ideas can also be helpful. Order those for them with the Favor app and get them delivered to their home! Bonus: Get FREE one-hour delivery of H-E-B Beer &Wine, Blooms, and more when you order through the Favor app! (Remember: H-E-B Frisco opens September 21!)
  • Does your friend plan to tackle yard work this weekend? Send over yard bags, a new pair of gardening gloves, and a water bottle.
  • If your friend is prepping for a trip, ask them for the list of last-minute items and have Favor deliver those right to their door.

Treat, Please

You don’t have to spend big bucks on entire grocery lists to tell a friend you care — a small treat has the same effect! Some treat ideas that are available through Favor are:

  • Their favorite drink, such as coffee or soda
  • Spa products — face masks, lotion, a candle, or bath bomb
  • A gift card from Favor for them to pick out a treat
  • Whatever their guilty pleasure may be (but no shame here!)

HEB and Favor Delivery share a partnershipDinner Winner

Dinner from their Favor-ite restaurant (still going strong with the puns) is always a go-to gift. I mean, this is the classic help-you-out gesture for a reason. However, you can also consider breakfast and lunch, which are overlooked opportunities, in my humble opinion.

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Favor is a delivery service app created right here in Texas. They deliver your local favorites, such as food, wine, and more, plus everyday essentials like groceries and other errands. Even more, Favor delivers within 45 minutes! Follow Favor on FacebookInstagramTikTok, and LinkedIn to stay up to date with their offerings.