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    daughter in virtual school as parents look on, GREAT HEARTS ONLINE DFW HOMESCHOOL OPTIONS If you’re a parent considering homeschool (or online school), you’re going to want to hear this! 

    Our world flipped, turned upside down two years ago. We were all blindsided and needed to adapt to a new way of life, superfast. Our children, too! They went from a classroom to computer screens, all while parents were on the sidelines like a deer in headlights wondering, “What in the world are we supposed to do now?” 

    And then a miraculous thing happened.

    We realized just how capable our children are of challenges and change! Our children’s self-discipline, growth opportunities, and resiliency are unprecedented.

    We’re settling into the new reality of virtual life. From school to doctor’s appointments to work meetings, we’re all touched by virtual reality in some way. Some aren’t keen on this new format, but others are thriving. And we want to make sure we’re making the best decisions for our kids, right?

    Great Hearts Fills a Real Need

    This is precisely why I urge you to give Great Hearts Online a glimpse. They provide a much-needed path for kids to get a quality, homeschool education with top-notch, supportive educators. This may be exactly what we (and our kids) need right now. 

    Great Hearts makes the case that homeschooling our children is as practical and effective as the traditional in-person schools we’re accustomed to. 

    For example, 79% of Great Hearts Online students are above the 50th percentile in Reading on the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test. In Math, where many students struggle, 72% of Great Hearts students are above the 50th percentile. 

    If you aren’t familiar with MAP testing, it’s an assessment that every school-age kid takes to measure growth and proficiency. Great Hearts MAP results are as good, if not slightly better, than their sister brick-and-mortar schools. This is good news!

    It means that virtual, online learning can work exceptionally well.

    A Tuition-Free Public Education that Works

    At Great Hearts Online, a tuition-free online public charter school, students thrive because they are taught by educators who value and understand online learning. Instead of checking boxes, they help students gain a firm understanding of the content. 

    That makes sense because part of the Great Hearts philosophy is that education should “proceed via shared inquiry and honest discussion.” In other words, kids are challenged through a rigorous classical curriculum rooted in virtue that pursues truth, goodness, and beauty in all aspects of learning.

    boy at laptop for great hearts online school Texas homeschool

    A Typical Day at Great Hearts

    A typical week runs Monday through Thursday with face-to-face instruction in the morning and independent assignments in the afternoon. The day is broken down in an age- and grade-appropriate way with breaks between sections to give students time to regroup and prep for their next class. Plus, and this is the exceptional part, students have complete faculty support throughout the day.

    The beauty of this schedule is that kids are less likely to feel burned out. Rather than starting their days at the break of dawn and continuing well into the afternoon plus homework, children work at a steady pace and are ready to enter each new day well-rested and prepared to learn.

    Great Hearts Online gives students a valuable education that promotes proficiency and mastery on a path to higher education and beyond. Students can engage, learn more, and be more present. Not only do students feel happier, but they thrive academically. 

    The Pros of Virtual Homeschooling with Great Hearts Online

    Look, some people have learned that virtual schooling isn’t for them, and that’s ok. But if you’ve had even an inkling that maybe, possibly, this would be good for you and your family, I hope you’ll look into Great Hearts Online.

    There are significant pros to Great Hearts Online: 

    • Robust classical liberal arts program with advanced math and science
    • Live instruction combined with quality independent work
    • Full faculty support and transparency
    • Education for the mind and heart
    • Tuition-free and serves K-8 throughout Texas

    Moms, our world is ever-changing. It’s exhausting. But this has also been a time of great opportunity. We realize what we’re capable of. We’re discovering what our children are capable of. 

    For many families, homeschooling is a better option. Great Hearts Online has the single goal of educating our children and making it as worry-free as possible. It’s worth it to give this school a look.

    Now enrolling for 2022-2023!

    Be sure to visit Great Hearts Online for all the details about enrollment and its philosophy. You can follow Great Hearts Online on Instagram and Facebook for more info, as well!

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