4 Ways to Avoid the Summer Slide

Disclaimer :: This article contains sponsored content provided by Dominion Prep to share tips on how to keep kids educationally engaged during the summer.

Kids smile and wear bike helmets.Summer slide is a slippery slope. The term refers to the academic “slide” kids take during summer break. Typically students fall back a reading level or two and/oror math skills get rusty. This regression is totally normal, but it’s sure discouraging. Your child has worked his or her tail off all year, and — in a matter of weeks — that momentum is gone.

There are plenty of ways parents can fill their kiddo’s summer with educational opportunities. Thanks to the sponsor of this article, Dominion Prep, we have solid ideas to share with you! Here are four ways parents can nurture and academically engage kiddo’s brain during while school is out for the summer.

1. Take Trips to New Places

Summertime is all about vacations! Whether you’re able to get away for the weekend or take a couple weeks off, family trips are the perfect recipe to foster conversation. Look for places with historical significance and chat about why it’s unique. Even a trip to a new park and campground offers a wonderful backdrop for discussions about nature, geography, and science.

2. Participate in Extracurricular Activities

In addition to classes at Dominion Prep in the summer and throughout the year, children can learn outside the classroom and participate in activities such as sports, outdoor activities, or camps. These new routines and skills are paramount to avoiding burnout.

The active environments sports and extracurriculars provide are also important in growing social-emotional and leadership skills.

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3. Utilize Math in Everyday Tasks

Numbers are everywhere, and it’s easy for us to skim by them as an adult. Instead, bring your kiddos with you to the grocery store and sharpen their math skills. Elementary-aged kiddos can compare high and low prices. Older kids can performing addition, subtraction, and more advanced calculations using item prices and coupons. Ask how much 50 percent off would be $14.99, or if something is buy two, get one free, how much does that make each individual item.

A mom points out grocery store prices to her daughter who sits in a cart.

4. Enroll Your Kids in a Summer Program

Despite its negative stigma (ew, summer school?!), taking courses over the summer months can be fun AND keep students engaged and actively learning. It preps them to take on the upcoming school year with confidence and knowledge.

Dominion Prep is great way to get ahead on the next school year by accelerating students’ learning throughout the summer. Your child can start in summer semester and complete a year of traditional coursework before the start of the next semester in “traditional” school. This approach provides students with elevation opportunities to skip a class or elevate to the next level in traditional schools.

Dominion Prep is a great opportunity to get ahead rather than suffering from the summer slide. The summer program at Dominion Prep is an advanced curriculum that allows students to complete an entire semester’s worth of work in 12 weeks, with two hours per week in a mastery-based program. Classes are held in a remote face-to-face environment, via an educational platform, so parents and students do not have to travel and upset summer activities.

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Because Dominion Prep operates on a 12-week, 4 semester/year schedule, the summer semester is shorter than the “traditional” school year but covers the full semester curriculum. This year’s summer program is June 5 through August 25, hours are flexible, and includes a summer break the week of July 4.

To enroll, simply complete the application process found on the website www.dominionprep.org, which includes a background check for parents. And how cool is this: enroll your child in Dominion Prep today and defer your tuition payment until the end of the summer semester, when you are fully satisfied.*

Avoid summer slide by being proactive. Through conscience efforts — and a little help from Dominion Prep — your child will be ahead of the game come the new school year. He or she may love it so much, you can enroll him or her during the rest of the year!

Dominion Prep logo Dominion Prep is a fully accredited educational platform specifically tailored for motivated, high-achieving students who desire to be well-prepared for elite college acceptance and academic scholarships upon graduation. Dominion Prep can be utilized as a full-time remote school or parents can enroll students for supplemental classes on an “al la carte” basis. All classes include live, synchronous, remote Face-to-Face instruction. The deadline for the summer semester enrollment is May 18. Visit https://dominionprep.org/parents to enroll today!

*Tuition payment is required to receive a transcript, class credit, and to qualify for re-enrollment for another semester.

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