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When I was about six months pregnant with my first child, I began my very first search for a childcare center. I remember going from center to center hearing about curriculum and teaching styles and being very overwhelmed by all the lingo. Because in my gut, all I cared about was that my son was loved, safe, and had fun at school. And at Lionheart Children’s Academy, that’s exactly their goal. 

Serving children from six weeks to age 12, the newest location of Lionheart Children’s Academy is opening September 13 at Bent Tree Bible Church in Carrollton, Texas. They offer both full-time and part-time programs, summer camps, and before- and after-school care. 

There are 4 basic tenants that guide everything they do at Lionheart Children’s Academy:

I am safe.

If there was ever a time that kids needed to know they’re safe, it’s now. With the roller coaster of the pandemic we’ve endured the last year and a half, this is an affirmation that is more vital than ever. Our kids need to know their health and safety is a priority, and at Lionheart Children’s Academy, there’s no question. 

I belong.

At Lionheart Children’s Academy, there is a large emphasis on both social-emotional development and spiritual development. They want children to be confident in exactly who God made them to be. By promoting character development and positive social interactions, children also learn how to thrive in school or groups. Emphasizing skills like creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork help foster independence and cooperation. This boosts self-esteem and creates confident children who are ready for whatever challenges they face. And what mom doesn’t want that?

I engage.

One of the most distinctive aspects I noticed at Lionheart Children’s Academy was their commitment to FUN! As a former teacher myself, I know that kids learn best by enjoying active and engaging hands-on curriculum. We want kids to get excited about school! Whether it’s attending the weekly ROAR (chapel) time, exploring a sensory table, or constructing a tower using STEM manipulatives, kids are going to be learning through play. Even better if they don’t realize they are even learning at all!

I am ready. 

Studies show that a solid early childhood foundation sets children up to thrive in elementary school and beyond. Whether it’s reading readiness for Pre-K students or building trust and encouraging exploration with toddlers, Lionheart Children’s Academy keeps the big picture in mind. By partnering with parents and hiring only the most passionate teachers, they set children on to the path to become lifelong learners.

If you’re looking for a place your child can feel safe, loved, and be challenged academically this fall, look no further than Lionheart Children’s Academy’s newest location in Carrollton. Request more info or book a tour today by checking out their website or giving them a call. And be sure to tell them Collin County Moms sent you!

Check out Lionheart Children’s Academy at their website


Allison Ezell
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