Preparing for Overnight Guests This Holiday Season

A couple, the man holding a pot of sunflowers, arrives at the front door with a wreath on it as the woman begins to knock.

During the holidays, many of us host family and friends visiting from out of town. While we look forward to the memories we get to create, it can also be a really chaotic time. Here are five tips to help you be the best host to overnight guests.

1. Set the Vibe

To start, begin with a clean home. And when it comes to the holidays, you’ll definitely want to take it a step farther. Pull out the seasonal decor before your guests arrive.

If you’re into candles or diffusers, stock up before guests arrive. I like to buy candles, diffusers, and other smell-good items throughout the year, so I always have them on hand.

If you have time, a seasonal flower arrangement can go a long way when setting the tone. Trader Joe’s always has affordable, in-season bouquets you can use and spruce up with a nice vase.

2. Be Ready for Drink Orders

If your overnight guests are coffee drinkers, the coffee situation is essential. Create a temporary coffee station while they are in town. Stock it with a couple syrups, creamers, cute holiday mugs or themed disposable cups.

I always like to have several varieties of teas and maybe a couple soda options, too.

For kids, hot cocoa spoons or bombs are always a hit! Allowing everyone to start their morning will help you skip the trip to the busy coffee shop and makes for such a cozy start to the day.

3. Prepare the Space

About a day or two before arrival, re-wash and steam linens and mattress pads as needed. There is nothing like climbing into a crisp, clean bed!

If you don’t have a designated space like a guest room for friends and family, start thinking of alternatives prior to arrival. Consider using your office space, playroom, or loft. In rooms like these you can use an air mattress, tri-fold mattress, or even sleeping bags.

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Additionally, begin planning which bathroom you’d like your guests to use. If you have smaller kids and don’t have a designated bathroom, consider sharing your master bathroom with your kids. This will allow your guests to utilize the kids bathroom during their stay.

Do your best to simplify the area from clutter. (Wash down those lumps of toothpaste in the sink. Just . . . why? Why do kids leave those gooey clumps?) Taking the time to make these areas comfortable and welcoming goes a long way.

Basket with toiletries including cotton swabs, dry brush, toothbrush, sponge, comb, and soap.

4. Welcome Baskets 

To add a special touch, prepare a welcome basket or tray. Take advantage of the travel aisle at your local Target or Walmart to gather small toiletries your guests may need. Pack these trays with essentials like toothbrushes, water bottles, extra towels, and spare chargers.

This could also be a really great place to write out/type up and share your home’s WiFi password. You can keep these baskets as simple or complex as you’d like. It’s the gesture that counts.

5. Plan Your (Easy) Meals 

Find a couple slow cooker meals to make for easy evenings. With all the shuffling from travel and the excitement of being reunited with your loved ones, that last thing you need is to be locked down in the kitchen while everyone else is having a great time.

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Find yummy, filling recipes like this white chicken chili to start early in the morning and have ready to serve by dusk!

Hopefully these tips get you one step closer to making your home welcoming and hospitable for overnight guests without putting you in a bind.

Krista Albert
Krista is a Southern California girl who found her way to North Texas! In 2022, she and her husband packed up the kids, the dog, and the house and never looked back. Krista is a working mom to two young children (ages five and two) and loving wife. In her family's spare time, you can find them exploring their new home in Collin County.